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2010 Gewurztraminer - $14.00

Crisp, clean and with virtually no residual sugar. A great food companion.



2009 Riesling - $12.00

4% residual sugar, this riesling is an excellent sipping or dessert wine with apple and citrus flavors.


* * * * *

2008 Barbera - $23.00

The first vintage from the estate grapes – a big, fruity wine with refreshing crispness. A 2010 SILVER MEDAL WINNER at Tri-Cities Wine Festival and 2011 SILVER MEDAL WINNER at Washington Wine Competition & Seattle Wine Awards.


2008 Malbec - $22.00

A rising new star in Washington State, Malbec offers chunky plum flavors with rustic tannin after taste. It's different, unique, and fun! A 2012 GOLD MEDAL WINNER at Washington State Wine Competition.


2008 Nebbiolo - $23.00

This Italian grape makes a tannic, acidic wine which is a perfect companion for food.  Look for hints of truffles, prunes and raspberries. A 2011 BRONZE MEDAL WINNER at Washington State Wine Competition


* * * * *


2007 Pinot Noir - $20.00 - Less than 100 cases produced / Discounts not available

Fruity, herbal - a thrill to your senses.



2007 Pointless Red - $17.00

An estate blend of 51% Cabernet Sauvignon, 46% Cabernet Franc and 3% Merlot encompassing the 3 E’s: easy sipping, economical and endlessly pleasing.



2007 Zinfandel - $19.00

The long awaited estate Zinfandel! A flavor of lively, peppery, fruit, which will say, "drink me!"


* * * * *

2006 Cabernet Franc - $20.00

Our best Cabernet Franc to date! A 2012 SILVER MEDAL WINNER at Washington State Wine Competition.



2006 Merlot - $18.00

A full-bodied Merlot with deep color, low tannins satisfies you with its soft smoothness.



2006 Syrah - $22.00

Another 2010 SILVER MEDAL WINNER at Tri-Cities Wine Festival. The ruby richness of this Syrah offers a bold fruit flavor with hints of vanilla and cinnamon.


* * * * *


2005 Cabernet Franc - $18.00

Stand alone Cabernet Franc with fruity and herbal overtones. A 2009 GOLD MEDAL at Washington State Wine Competition and WINE PRESS NORTHWEST PLATINUM WINNER.


2005 Cabernet Sauvignon - $18.00 - 30% case discount! ($12.60 a bottle / $151.20 a case)

Very smooth and pleasant keeping the cabernet tradition. Easy to sip with or without food. A 2011 SILVER MEDAL WINNER at Washington State Wine Competition.


2005 Syrah - $18.00 - 30% case discount! ($12.60 a bottle / $151.20 a case)

This bold, fruity 100% syrah is food friendly,with a subtle black pepper flavor.



* * * * *


2004 Cabernet Franc - Less than 50 cases left / Discounts not available

A 'damn fine wine.' Fruity and rich, with a long finish. Available only as part of a vertical with '05 and '06 ('06 has yet to be released) vintages for $75.


2004 Cabernet Franc Reserve - $24.00 / Discounts not available

We did not make a reserve until we made a wine worthy of the title. This one takes the name with pride. Recipe to pair wine with.


2004 Syrah - $23.00 - Only 100 cases left / Discounts not available

A bold,full bodied syrah with flavors of black pepper, smoke and berries exploding in your mouth. A 2007 GOLD MEDAL WINNER at Washington Wine Competition. Recipe to pair wine with.


* * * * *

Ruby Left-Side - $25.00

A syrah-based port, that is lighter and less thick than most ports, with more berry flavor. Pairs well with cheesecake, chocolate and vanilla ice cream.




We can ship our wines to you

Please contact us for assistance; we ship on Mondays via FedEx.

Tasting Room 509-877-6824


*Wondering how much it will cost? Feel free to request an estimate before making a decision, by emailing your name, address and purchase selection to the address above. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Our Specials!

10% off 3 bottle purchase ~ 15% off case purchase

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30% Case Discount ~ Mix and Match any combination of

-2005 Cabernet Sauvignon (@12.60 /$151.20 per case with discount )

-2005 Syrah (@12.60 /$151.20 per case with discount )

Discounts apply in store and mail orders



Tasting Fees

For a $5.00 tasting fee, we offer samples of 2 whites and a flight of 5 reds.

*$1.00 tasting fees each for Pinot Noir and Ruby Left-side



Ordering Information

Currently, we ship to select states. Please contact us to find out if we are able to ship to your state. Orders will be shipped in about one week's time (we ship on Mondays). To contact us and to order from our tasting room, call (509) 877-6824, fax to (509) 877-2077 or email to wineclub@windypointvineyards.com.

If you would like to order our wines online we have a new method. We have partnered with Vinoshipper.com, a licensed and secure online wine marketplace, to process your orders safely and quickly online (with a limited selection).

Please note that we do not ship any wines from mid-July through mid-September due to high temperatures. We'd be happy to take any orders and ship them to you after the harvest.





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