About Us

The Windy Point Fruit Ranch was purchased by Stanislaw Stepniewski in 1972. The fruit ranch has further expanded into a packaging company and a winery, but the family ownership has not changed. Mike, Stanislaw's son, now in charge, has brought his father's dream of growing grapes
and producing wine to life.  

Mike and his wife, Liz have created a well-liked and respected winery over the years. Mike brings more than 35 years of farming experience to the vineyard, along with a hard-earned reputation for producing fruit of the very highest standard. As the winemaker, Liz has worked hard to produce the best quality wine, which has been represented by the awards she has earned on her 2004 Syrah,
2004 Cabernet and her Cabernet Franc/Merlot blend, Exclamation Point!